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[23-Mar-2014] Coldplay @ Sony Pictures Studios, Los Angeles, USA


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Some people *shakes head*


We wanted to take one so badly. Problem is they are mounted on wood and it we couldn't transport in our car. They were huge - like 5 feet x 3 feet. They were all over the waiting area and between the garage and sound stage.



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Ghost Stories and The Godfather.


Dianne reviews concerts way better than I so I'm only going to add this...

My first thought after the Sunday night was,

after 18 shows I think I might need to retire my Coldplay gig going...

....cuz it can't get any better than those 2 nights.

It was just nuts- from the ethereal 'mood-creating' forests we waited in before they seated us,

to the music and multimedia and lasers, to the insane

closeness we had to the stage and band.


But then I think about how much the Ghost Stories songs grew on me after just 2 chances to hear them

...a lot. I thought Always In My Head was sweet and melodically lovely, Magic was...

just that, all ethereal and theatrical and great live...my favorite of the night was O...prettiest

lyrics IMHO...


Which of course means I have to see it all again sometime - soon!!!

even if it won't be quite so intimate or with such an

appreciative audience.


And also I know it WILL be with coldplayers I love

like Dianne, who was awesome, the CP'ers I met again and for the first time this weekend, like Lynn and Erick,

and of course my longtime cp nuts Christa, Mike and Angie.


It's a little like that scene in the Godfather- when he says "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in..."

...But without the gambling, money laundering and racketeering...

Of course those three things sound a lot like buying tickets from Ticketmaster


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How did you find it on itunes? I looked everywhere.


I followed the link they put on twitter. I have a mac and it opened up the app, and the trailer is right there. I tried searching by just going to iTunes store without going through the link and i couldn't find it. Strange.

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