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A Sky Full Of Stars - Music Video


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As the ammount of views doesn't have a direct (if any at all) correlation with the quality of the song and of the video, I'd say, who cares whether or not the video to-be has more or fewer views?


It can't be worse than CB video, can it? :confused:


I was thinking about this precisely. I hope it won't be just reckless people dancing around as if nothing else in the world matters because this is just like 1 or 2 thirds of videos released overall.

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wow! several people already lining up. and it's like 2am there. hopefully it wouldn't get out of control.


Jimmy @iamjimmay · 6m

@coldplay waiting outside courthouse hotel in the cold, under a sky full of stars just for you <3


Ellie @elliedenton93 · 10m

1:44am waiting out the front of The Courthouse Hotel with @giulia_szabo for @coldplay #ASFOSvideo where is everyone??


Giulia @giulia_szabo · 22m

Out the front of the hotel, it's quite deserted. Let us in!! #ASFOSvideo @coldplay

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Uh - I think it may not have been their best idea to twitter about the shoot... I can see thousands turning up instead of 250.



It'll be interesting to hear what the crowds are like but they must have been planning this with police etc for a while ago and will no doubt be able to deal with crowds

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