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A Sky Full Of Stars - Music Video


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i dunno why but i love the bigger stronger video, because it's fucking strange but not in a corny or demential way


To say it in Guy's words:


"It doesn't make any sense whatsoever" :lol:


It's plain random, that's what it is! And because they changed the song for the video in the last minute so the lyrics don't fit at all LOL

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I freakin love all of this !!!! This I'm sorry is what music is about , this looks natural and unnatural at the same time! A group of friends having fun . And by a group of friends I mean everyone not just the band ! And well let's not get my started on the wardrobe lol the man is completely ripped !

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I think that's the closest video we have ever had of the band.


Great video! Did you recognise how Chris always starts giggling when Jonny's guitar part sets in? Hahaha :)

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