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Mila Fürstová interview/Behind the scenes w/Coldplay


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Stumbled upon this interview with Mila Fürstová at a Czech late night show (sort of our version of David Letterman)... it was a special shot in London with "famous" Czechs living in the UK as guests




She talks about her work with Coldplay quite a lot... some of the interesting bits:


-she shows some of her concept art for Magic artwork...especially at the beginning of the video


-the etching is done on a zinc plate - first a special wax is applied and then the whole metal plate is "blackened" by fire, subsequently she scrubs in the artwork with a special needle. When done, she puts the whole thing into some sort of acid to fix everything in place. This metal is then used to "press/print" the actual artwork - meaning that colour is applied on the metal and then pressed on paper (shows that at around 9:15 with the original Magic metal plate)


-reacting to question on how strict were the requirements from Coldplay, she said that the beginnings of the cooperation were really difficult...it didn't really go well. Thus the team decided to leave some parts of the artwork totally up to her (the insides of the wings, for example). She had a whole team of Coldplay designers around her the whole time though...


And of course she said she is not really permitted to speak about anything in detail until the album comes out :sneaky::dozey::thinking:


Don't really have the time to translate everything...but thats basically the gist ;)

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Is there a transcript of the whole interview somewhere?


Nope, sorry. With exams coming up in a week I don't really have the time to traslate it all. Maybe somebody else CzechSlovak (wisna?) could look into it. But you have all the interesting bits in the forst post anyway ;)


Where's the link friend?????????


The video is embedded in the first post.

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Lovely pics! Now i wonder what will be happening to the signed prints.....

-> "Moments before they went on stage the band signed some editions of Mila’s art which will be auctioned to raise money for the charity Kids Company."

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