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Most played Ghost Stories songs!


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It's been over a week since Ghost Stories was released, so what are, up to now, your most played songs?


Mine are, in order from most to least (including the songs from the deluxe version):


1. Ink (21)

2. True Love (21)

3. ASFOS (18)

4. All Your Friends (17)

5. O (Fly On) (16)

6. Ghost Story (15)

7. Always In My Head (12)

8. Another's Arms (9)

9. Magic (8)

10. O (Reprise) (6)

11. Midnight (5)

12. Oceans (4)


I don't count the plays before album release, then it would be a lot more haha :p

And I think Magic and Midnight would also have a lot more plays than this.

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Until I had the album, I listened to every song a few times. Then I played Ghost Story constantly. But now I can't listen to any one song. I listen to the entire album every couple of days.

Same here :) Although I still single out Ghost Story and listen to it more.

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Listen to albums as a whole and repeat my favorites during that time. My most repeats are Always In My Head, Oceans, Ghost Story, O(Fly On)and part 2. Another's Arms, All Your Friends and Atlas..:laugh4: I count it as part of the album, really. :angry: :wacko:

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If I could only have one song on a desert island, it would be Ghost Story!:)


Ghost Story is truly a standout! It's been on repeat all day for me, you can't get tired of it. Hope it can fit somewhere on the next tour maybe. They can't write a song like that and not ever play it live. What a crime if this were to happen!!

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