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New report feature : You can now remove spam!


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We have a new tool you can use against spammers! The report button. Exactly the same as before, click on the report button under their user info / to the left of quick reply, enter the reason for the report (i.e. spam) and submit. If two members report the same post, the post is automatically removed from public view (so only mods can see it).


If there is a spammer, report them straight away. Post on the chatbox if you need someone else to report too. This is also applicable to everything else that goes against our guidelines but please use it sensibly such as in a rare case when a member is being abusive or is 'trolling' and there no moderators online at that time. It's an excellent tool and then we can review it when one of us is online. For anything minor, it's better to private message the admin/mod online at the time. We will be guarding against any mis-use of the system so any suspicious activity or a member using multiple accounts/proxies can be traced :)


Ideally, this won't have to be used much at all but if a spammer pops up, you can send them back to Kingdom Come! :sneaky:

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Right, I'm not sure I can see the differences for this feature.


Actually, I dont really understand :|


previously posts would sit there for all to see, reports or none until a mod took care of them


now posts are hidden from public view if they are reported by more than 2 members until a moderator reviews it (at which point they can unhide, delete etc)


mainly useful for spam but can also be used for when someone makes a really awful post

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A tip for new members and a reminder for not so new members.


I have been using this function a lot lately (I hate spam).

Me too... Thanks for reporting :) I just put in place a few fixes that should prevent most spam

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I got a request to show someone how you can detect a spam thread.

Well, I have seen 2 just now and took a screenshot.


Those threads often have an url in the topic or some product related sale talk:




When you open the thread you most certainly see an other url (which I wouldn't click on)




or have contents that make no Coldplay sense at all :)



So just use the report function:

In the app you find it under the 3 dots (in the right upper corner)



In the browser you can find it by clicking on Tools



If 2 members on the forums report it, the thread will be removed automatically. :)

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Nie, THANK YOU! You helped all of us help the Forums. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into showing us how to do this. I think I have seen it too, but mis-took it for one of those pop-up ads.


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