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New forum design!


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As you may of noticed, the forum design has changed to a light skin. The reasons for the change :


1) Something new and fresh for 2015

2) Ghost Stories era is over! A Head Full Of Dreams era is just around the corner ;) Banner with many thanks to Batman ( fan made artwork. )

3) New style is better performance wise. The dark blue skin is not compatible with many add-on's, meaning I can add more useful stuff in the future :)

4) It's pretty much fully customisable so if LP7 is red themed instead of the blue we appear to be hoping for, I can make the change :D


Let me know what you think. Thanks for the feedback from a few of you so far prior to the style going live :)


As I explained in point 3, this will also mean the dark 'bluefox' style will be removed. It will available for a very short time still but this new style will replace that theme and the 'default' (eye blinding) one. I will try to find a replacement for the dark theme for those who prefer it.


There is also a Facebook/Twitter share button at the top of each thread now :)

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It's very white, but it looks cool!


The mobile version is a bit broken though... Or just very very basic :p





Is it still showing? because I've set the mobile version to be the same as desktop now as it's still easy to navigate, looks better and most phones/tablets are big enough now. I added that version today, it's very basic but there if anyone wants to use it :) I can find something more complex if anyone prefers it

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me likey, the blind folks likey the light


and by that, Dear Christa means us old bitties with freakin' bifocals.

....and hey you!!!!

I LOVED my Xmas Card. :kiss:


AAaAAAaaaand, I now I've said it before but this time I've been working my ass off and mean it.

I've got one tidy little concert travel budget I'm hoarding so bring on LP7.

I will now stop hijacking this thread to write what should have just been PM'd LOL

.....carry on people.

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