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A Head Full Of Dreams Cover Art


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Hey y'all, since we are all avid internet users who often peruse and see cool images online, I wanted to create a thread where we can share some ideas of artwork for LP7! I know there has already been some really cool fan art and ideas on the main thread, but consider this a space to throw up whatever looks cool to you and might fit the title! Cheers! :parachutes::arobtth::x&y::viva::mx::ghoststories:

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^Truly sorry about that! Right after I created the thread I read it over again and realized it was not very good wording :\


Wish I could edit the title to something like "Ideas for AHFOD Cover Art." That would have made far more sense... Forgive me for my foolish mistake! At least it gave you a little stimulation for the day no? (even if disappointing!)

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