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CP FANS around the world

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A few emerging trends:

1. South America entered with 5 quick replies

2. Canada now on the scene as well

3. China too.

**4. I know we have Batman on here, a celebrity, but i overlooked the excellence that is Sparky! Thanks both you guys for being on here. It's like WWII all over again….Germany vs. UK!

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San Lorenzo, Paraguay


Just impossible for me to pick a favorite but I guess I can say

Strawberry swing

Swallowed in the sea

Viva la Vida (yes I love VLVDAOHF)

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Spraycan Soul... what kind of statistics do you wanna take from this thread?? ahhahaha I'm very curious!!


Not really statistics per say. 2 main things

1. Communicate with people from as many places around the world as possible, all tied together with 1 common thread, the best band in the world. Make a world map pinned with where replies came from.

2. Look at the favorite songs people are noting. Some are obscure, some are common.


All in all, just for fun. :thumbsup:

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I agree, i couldnt really choose only one either, so i simply took one but in reality "pick your favorite 10 songs" would give a more realisitc picture in my case ;-)


agree it depends on my mood..love all the songs


Germany ( Saarland )

the smallest country and probably the only hardcore Coldplayer here :cry:


I will give you my 3 fav songs AT THE MOMENT ;-)





( ...Warning Sign, I ran away, Clocks....IMPOSSIBLE , you see ? ;-) )

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