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How many attempts did it take you...


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yeap.. there´s lots of this things here... Let´s say you get a high speed ticket. You get 7 points on your driver licence. If you make to 20 points, you loose your licence (and it takes a while till you can drive again). But if you go to the driver licence departament and bribe someone, you won´t have points on your licence...

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what? you live there so you can prove what your saying? :angry: :@....ohh well......guess it's true....... :dozey:


- Antonio


yah I think bribery is common in venezuela too. :) Well I think you can pay there to get a license.



:lol: :lol: :lol: Argentina is much worst! I remember when we went there a police man stopped us and he was like "Man, You've commited and infraction and I'm going to start doing a 'ticket' [a paper they give you here and he has a copy too, and then you have to pay the govermnent and so.... like a 'parking ticket' but it's when you commit and infraction...] and it was like "Yes, well we have some dollars here too :wink3: " [ 1 Peso Argentino used to bethe same than 1 Dollar] ........... anyway, the point is you never got the 'ticket':sneaky:


And Ian, where I live, is very likely that I'll take the test with the same person that my uncle did, and is very likely my grand will take it with him too [quite an hypothetic case, but you all get my point! :confused: ]

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