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Coldplaying.com and WikiColdplay.com Redesign


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WikiColdplay's new redesign has just been released, me and Sparky are working together to try and get the coldplaying site transfered over to the new theme. Should be ready in a day or so! Visit the new wiki here! http://wikicoldplay.com/


"Welcome to the all new Wiki. WikiColdplay has been updated to match our sister-site, Coldplaying.com. While I am still updating the coldplaying site, we have just about finished our site. The wiki now works on mobile and looks a hell of a lot better than before. We now have the flexibility to create articles more easily and give you much more content like interviews and Top Lists.


It should now be much easier to navigate and find what you are looking for quickly. Currently only a few pages have been migrated over from the old wiki, eg Atlas. The old wiki is still online and will stay online for the foreseeable future, if you wish to view the old homepage just click the ‘Looking for…?’ tag and click ‘Old Homepage’. When pages have been migrated to the new site, the old wiki article will automatically redirect to the new page.


If you have feedback or discover problems with the site, then make sure to email me at [email protected] Thank you for supporting WikiColdplay!"


Source: http://wikicoldplay.com/Home/2015/09/07/whats-going-on-wheres-the-wiki/

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I really love the new design..!

It looks really friendly, yet quite professional at the same time. I keep saying it, but you guys really put a lot of effort into this website, and I feel privileged to use it..!

It took me just a little while to figure out the new navigation, but it's way easier now, and fun. It kinda reflects the mood the band is in at the moment, so it's nice to see how coldplaying.com reflects coldplay.com. A true fansite, and the best one there can be!

Great going guys!

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