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===The Ultimate Coldplaying Thread===S, BS, BR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM, MX, GS, AHFOD===


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This is a thread idea I got from @Archiderp (I think) and that one poster who said many genius things. This is a thread to celebrate ALLLLL of Coldplay's work. And by that I mean not being like Oh I only like Parachites to AROBTTH or whatever. Now obviously we can have discussions and respectful and at least trying to be positive debates like a debate team, no just straight roasting someone's opinion, and most of all have fun! You don't have to like every single thing they've put out but lets at least try to appreciate it and not base each body of work to AROBTTH or songs in it everytime.

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I'm dead :crying:

I enjoy the Blue Room Ep a lot tho cause it has see you soon, bigger stronger, AND such a rush (one of my favorites)

It's a classic

I don't like the don't panic version tho


So you wanna edit the title of this thread then?

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Sometimes I found ridiculous how fans are reclassifying the term Coldplayer. However, I'll start to post in this thread as I believe that each album is unique and amazing in its own way. I don't like everything the band have done but I can appreciate the differences each one has.

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Guest kmm1482
Hahaha that's not apart of this thread. I turned a new leaf


In celebration of the absolving of your sins, I will begin the positivity of your thread with this: I can't get the chorus to Up&Up out of my head, that song, along with the "OOoooOOoooOO"s from AHFOD are currently my favorites on this album.

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The title of this thread makes me so happy hahaa


The feelings got better when @EasySuperstition99 change the name. I didn't like the previous one


its too similar to the oldplaying one. I'm afraid i'll post something like 'I love X-Marks the Spot' in the wrong thread and get lynched!


post 4500!


Just be careful where you stand and nothing will happen ;)

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