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ELIMINATION: Album Openers


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Seriously, people, Don't Panic ?

I'm not the biggest fan of that song either, BUT...

Don't Panic is worse than Always in my head, Hurts Like Heaven and A Head Full Of Dreams to you ??!!


We live in a upside-down turned world, yeah we do, yeah we do...

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Always in My Head - 6

Don't Panic - 5

A Head Full of Dreams - 1


Always in My Head has been chosen out from the rest and is eliminated!


The Contestants:

Don't Panic


Square One

Life in Technicolor ii

MX/Hurts Like Heaven

A Head Full of Dreams


I vote for Don't Panic

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Hmmm your formatting also looks a little different like stuff isnt underlined either.....I have an idea, lemme edit something right now and tell me if AHFOD still isn't showing up

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