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[2016-06-28] Coldplay at Kensington Garden for a Charity concert

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I'll see tomorrow, don't have anything else to do, probably midday or a bit earlier. What about you?


Hopefully by 11 :happy2: I just can't sit still at home haha :D and would love a good view up close to wave my sign haha. +the queue experience is a big part of the adventure! Look for a guy playing music :happy2:

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Setlist so far (according to setlist.fm): TKC is back for the 2nd time this era I think.


  1. A Head Full of Dreams
  2. Paradise (with Tiësto remix outro)
  3. Clocks
  4. Hymn for the Weekend
  5. "Heroes" (David Bowie cover)
  6. Adventure of a Lifetime
  7. Til Kingdom Come

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Absolutely gutted I only found out about this gig after tickets had sold out. I'm holding onto the fact that it was a standing only show and I wouldn't have been able to see much as I'm only 5 ft, 4 inches and wouldn't have been able to see much [emoji39] Hope everyone had a great night x


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