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[2017-7-15] Stade De France, Paris, France


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Hi, I'm near the place d'Italie. We can go together to the Stade de France by taking the RER B if you want to. We'll take the 14th Line from Olympiades to Châtelet. Then we take RER B from Châtelet to Stade De France.


Just saw your message ! Sorry

Liked the show?


I loved it! ,clearly coldplay are at their best!

The crowd was not that good, jumped in few songs and sang only the most popular ones

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So they just confiscated my (small) camera when I entered the stadium even though I had asked them beforehand and they said it would be okay. Apparently a request of the organisers/the band (??) because they are filming their Live DVD.


Well, f*** the people who decided this, whoever it was. Worried the Live 2017 DVD might sell a few less copies if there are HQ photos from the gig ? Thank you very much.

I won't be wearing my Xyloband today.


Oh, and update: I'm not looking for a ticket to theJuly 18 show anymore ! Certainly not going to this stupid circus again, if that is how they treat their fans.


For whatever it's worth, I've had a camera taken away with this line at a different artist's show ... same deal, information ahead said I could bring it, but at the door they said the artist had requested no cameras at all. Artist told a couple people who asked later, personally, that he had said no such thing. So it may have been a misunderstanding. Often they say "no recording devices", which isn't meant to include P/S cameras, but technically a camera is a recording device, so the security may have misunderstood. It sucks either way but I wouldn't make the conclusion the band or their management intended that. My guess would be they wanted "no recording devices" as in devices designed specifically to capture video/audio, and security didn't understand.

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Just an update about the camera thing, I was really annoyed and upset yesterday, but today (July 16th) I managed to secretly sneak my camera in :D and it was a wonderful experience. I have gotten over the bad experience from yesterday :)


It can be really upsetting when you have a plan to enjoy a concert a certain way and then it gets thrown off last minute. I don't always even want to have a camera at a show, but the time I had my camera taken away at the doors (or the time I forgot a memory card, doh) did bother me because I'd been looking forward to using it on that particular occasion. So I understand. Glad you were able to enjoy the next show!

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After Vienna and Brussels, this was my third show of this year. Also my biggest show i've ever attended (80 000). I had a good seating spot on the lower right end. I was hoping to hear some new material but they played the standard setlist of this tour.


Highlights for me were Charlie Brown, Sky full of stars and Something just like this. Never saw so many xylobands at one place.


Hope they'll come back to Europe soon!







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Here you can find my pictures of 15/7, taken from my seat at U3 - 64 - 09 (which was up&up :))



Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/Clouplay_C3O/status/888052681696313344



Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/Clouplay_C3O/status/888053347885998084



Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/Clouplay_C3O/status/888053677751250944



Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/Clouplay_C3O/status/888053993280352256



Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/Clouplay_C3O/status/888054514892378112

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Videos I made:


Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ A Head Full Of Dreams



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ The Scientist



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ God Put A Smile Upon Your Face



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Paradise into Paradise Remix



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Always In My Head



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Clocks



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Charlie Brown

Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/Cmg1tOK4sjY



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Hymn For The Weekend



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Fix You



Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Viva La Vida




Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ The Guesthouse




Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ C-Stage: In My Place / Don't Panic / Us Against The World




Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Something Just Like This




Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ A Sky Full Of Stars (1)




Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ A Sky Full Of Stars (2)




Coldplay ~ Paris ~ 15/07/2017 ~ Up&Up




I have never filmed this much on a concert (and I'm not very good at it), but I made a promise to someone who had her camera taken away at the entrance. :p

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Videos Coldplay au Stade de France le Samedi 15 juillet 2017 :










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