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Daddy (Official Video)

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Amazing! This song pairs really well with Orphans, and based on the video, I strongly suspect this song is also about refugees. The imagery very strongly evokes for me pictures of refugees on life rafts in the Mediterranean Sea, many of them dying on the water as they escape war and persecution.


The song is also excellent musically - it has elements of Fly On and Hypnotised. My only complaint is that it hasn't got as much prominent Jonny electric guitar as on either of the two aforementioned songs. Though I bet in a live version we'll see Jonny is secretly playing a bigger role than we think.

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I love it. The piano section seems rather familiar to a bootleg/unreleased Coldplay track I have tucked away somewhere...anyone think the same|?



It reminds a bit of Famous Old Painters, indeed


Yes! Exactly my thought. I’m still mad they didn’t release a version of FOP, though. It’s such a lovely melody.

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