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I couldn't find the old thread, so... I don't know about you lot but I think we need to bring this discussion back to the top :P


I'm so into EastEnders lately. You see, back in October I couldn't watch the omnibus one week so I taped it. I didn't have the chance to watch it afterwards (seeing as I was flying to Poland) so I taped the omnibus the week after... and the week after... and yeah, I'm still taping the omnibuses to this very day. I pretty much have 30 tapes of EastEnders episodes lying around, and this week I finally got the chance to start watching again... I'm already on tape #12 and I can't believe how much I missed this show!


Oh, I said it once and I said it again -- I don't care if anyone disagrees with me, but Sharon and Dennis are made for each other :P

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Vicky and Ash?!

Fuck, I'm so behind right now... last night I only got to watch the episode where Dan throws Ash out of the house after Shirley told him she was dating him.


*slaps forehead*


Oh yeah, and Dennis is a yummy dish. Had my eyes on him since his very first episode :wink3:

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