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hmm....soccer boyies


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thats a very famous picture in brazil


cause those playing are the argentinian team, in the world cup 2002, and theres a rivalrity between brazil argentina, especially in soccer.


argentina started the world cup think they would win, and brazil had any chance, well, they were eliminated in the first round, when brazil won it all!



go brazil!

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no but on a serious note

has anyone noticed just how hot soccer girls are?

i mean

they are so fine


Whoa, are you serious man? All the soccer girls are ugly fucks here. All the pro players look like poo.

There are LOTS of hot amateurs though.

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haha we had to play it in PE at least 12 times/year. but we always played beach soccer after school, so it was awesome anyway.


And yea man, actually brazil is full of black people, i think.

The southern states are full of green eyed girls though. its like paradise.

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