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The official **KEANE** thread

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hehe,true didn't visit this thread for a long time :p i should i think :p


Hamburg Song (live)


Hamburg Song (live) @ Wireless Festival


Nothing In Your Way (live)


Nothing In Your Way (live) @ Wireless Festival


Try Again (live)


Try Again (live) with Rufus Wainwright


az a masik honnam van? :huh:

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hmmm..at first listen' date=' they kinda sound like coldplay. But the lead singer sounds a lot like Thom Yorke.[/quote']



I would have to say that the vocalist of Keane....is more like Travis' vocalist. And not like Thom York...this music is too poppy for me ...unless I am in the mood for a Travis impersonation :confused:

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I would have to say that the vocalist of Keane....is more like Travis' vocalist. And not like Thom York...this music is too poppy for me ...unless I am in the mood for a Travis impersonation :confused:


Travis impersonator? lol


Lay off the Crystal (so to speak).........

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fans cover Keane




A first review of UTIS has vanished at Popjustice.com. The review describes the album as:


* Really good

* Everything you'd quite like in a Keane album...

* ...while not sounding like the last one

* ie they haven't got carried away, but nor have they pissed 'it' away

* 'It' being 'being really good'

* Got that?


...and also features an interesting picture of the promo package.

The "undercover name" of the album seems to be "Hairy Sheep".


Further an article on NME.com features the following Tim quotes:

"Using guitars wasn't ruled out, because Tom's quite good at the guitar. We were definitely envisaging the possibility of using a bit of guitar early on but we never got round to it."

"I was touring around the world and, when I was on my travels, I picked up all these vintage cassette units and all these weird gadgets," he recalled. "When we got home and got in the studio, I realised that there was this whole world of sounds that no-one had ever really explored before. People are so obsessed with guitars, but putting an electric piano into a whole chain of effects and seeing what comes out is something that, as far as I know, no-one has ever done before."

"We probably didn't ever consider becoming a guitar band again. We used to be a guitar band when we started and we've been there. The sounds on this record are really exciting and expressive of the lyrics and the music. I'm really excited about how far we can go with it."

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Guest REManic

I am glad there is this thread about Keane, I just love that band!!!!I am dying to meet the new record...their Hopes and fears and their DVD is bang-up, I have them all!!!

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You probably all know this. . from the Keane website:


Keane’s second album, the follow up to Hopes And Fears, is called Under The Iron Sea. It’ll be out on 12th June everywhere in the world apart from the US and Canada, where it will be released on 20th June.



Edit The tracklisting is now:

01. Atlantic

02. Is It Any Wonder?

03. Nothing In My Way

04. Leaving So Soon?

05. A Bad Dream

06. Hamburg Song

07. Put It Behind You

08. The Iron Sea

09. Crystal Ball

10. Try Again

11. Broken Toy

12. The Frog Prince




Also apparently new single to be played on the Jo Whiley show. . . . .

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Come to the US soon' date=' Keane!!:) I can't wait to see them live! My friend and I are already making plans to stalk them around New England, heh![/quote']


I and a few girls from the official board have made plans 3 months ago :laugh4:

We're going to steal boys :lol:

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Ok, this might be sort of random, but I thought I might as well get a semi-discussion going on.


I was watching the Strangers DVD last night (the tour doc) and something Tim said stood out to me "Sometimes I get horribly depressed". Now, he could have been saying this in jest, but I don't know. I'm listening to 'Snowed Under' right now, and I feel like I just know exactly what this song is about (I've suffered with depression, as well). So, do you people think that Tim might actually be depressed (not MAJORLY, or anything, just wondering)? It means absoluetly nothing to me, but it'd actually be kind of interesting for me to know. I've taken a lot of the songs and applied them to my life, my feelings, and it'd be kind of cool to know that they actually WERE written about that. Or something.

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just for a minute :p :lol:





about that long post - i think that tim passed many problems in his life, and he's the same human as we are. so i think that many problems of ours are the same like his... don't you think?

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