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The official **KEANE** thread

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Is this site no longer working, or is my computer just being funky? If it's down, it's too bad because I enjoyed listening to the songs there, without having to bug you guys for an mp3 upload ;)


But if it's down, could I make a few requests? You can PM them to me if it's easier! :D


-Walnut Tree


-The Way You Want It

-Your Song (cover)



I'd be very thankful :)



(And yeah, in the past week I've completely fallen in love with this band. They really appeal to my tastes more and more each day)


I don't know if you got this one yet, but I saw that no one downloaded the Walnut Tree. It's such a great song, thought everyone should hear it.




By the way I downloaded it from Itunes thats why its in m4p format

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I have (yet again) a few more requests. I hope I'm not too much of a pain with this, and if no one has the songs then that's ok. But I'd just really like to get them on mp3 to put on my ipod. Any uploads would be much appreciated (if it's easier for you, you can PM me with them :D )


-Call Me What You Like

-Fly To Me

-On A Day Like Today


-Something In Me Was Dying

-To The End Of The Earth

-Untitled 2

-Wolf At The Door




I'd be so thankful! And I apologize if they've already been uploaded... :kiss:

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haha it seems i'm free till 6


i'll put those in one archive ;)


btw i posted some Keane covers in Multimedia some days ago here they are


Irving Berlin-White Christmas

Elton John-Your song

Louis Armstrong-What a wonderful world

Rufus Wainwright-Dinner at eight

Walker Brothers-The sun ain't gonna shine


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Well, I don't know how many Keane fans there are who like U2 as well, but I found something that's pretty damn interesting.






:lol: The similarities are eery!


What's funny about that is when I saw them open for U2 back in October I said to the person I was next to "Jeez, he looks just like a young Bono!". I was right. He IS a young Bono!!! :lol:!

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