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The official **KEANE** thread

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haha :shock: to be honest i never noticed it before,maybe because i;m not a U2 fan,but it's clear that there are some similarities...maybe Tom is trying to copy Bono in some ways,but i think till Keane can bring good sound to us,it doesn't matter

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no :bigcry: i just joked,hahahahaha...haha? :mellow:

hopefully earlier,but it was asked several times here...i guess the latest rumour was about May 15

but you can always visit http://www.keane.at for the latest news and that site aslo has a "2nd Album" section,you'll find there useful infos :smiley:


EDIT: 12-Jun on HMV.co.uk / 05-Jun on Amazon.co.uk

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Finally, then new Keane album has been anounced!!!


its called Under The Iron Sea, and is out around june!!!!!!!!!



check out their website for more info. COOL!!!

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Sorry. I'm..... just flipping out. LMFAO!



I'm counting on you UK-ers to upload the album right on June 12th for me (I'll obviously be buying it here when it comes out on the 20th, but I can't wait 8 days!!!).:kiss:

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