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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: We thought Sharon was gonna' chuck Chico out. Man' date=' he was sooooooo annoying :rolleyes:[/quote']


Nah - they've kept him in for the "ratings" and because Sharon has the hots for him.

He's useless - reminds me of "Tarek" from the last Pop Idol. Maybe they should form a duo! :P

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Who are the top 5 ppl you want to win X Factor? :)


I don't really care as long as it isn't someone arrogant, talentless, or useless, as I won't be buying any of the stuff they produce anyway (Michelle Fatmanus is a classic example).

I quite like the "binman" as he seems like a nice guy and deserves a break.

The black "girl" group aren't bad.

Haven't seen anyone who "knocks me out", but then, that's par for the course, isn't it?

The show's good entertainment, that's the main thing......................

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Celeb X Factor scrapped - thank goodness!!


trans.gifCeleb X Factor scrapped trans.gif0,,2006391424,00.jpgtrans.giftrans.gif Simon ... axed Celebrity X Factor



SIMON COWELL has axed Celebrity X Factor — because it was “pointless”. The telly talent judge shook his head as he revealed to TV Biz: “We are never going to do it again.”

Former EastEnders actress Lucy Benjamin won X Factor: Battle of the Stars back in June.

But Simon insisted: “The show was pointless. The ratings were good but what we’re supposed to be looking for is a new artist.”

Speaking at Sony BMG’s HQ in London, he added: “The only validity for me doing these shows is that I’m doing my day job on a TV — which is trying to find artists for the label.

“So when I’m judging celebs, I’m not actually doing my job. I’m just being on a TV show.”

Sharon Osbourne, his co-star on the ITV1 hit, made headlines by sparking a war of words with Rebecca Loos.

And Simon had to tell feisty Mrs Osbourne to curb her tongue. He said: “I didn’t have a go but I pointed out that I was looking out for these people as a mentor. They were my responsibility.


0,,2006391427,00.jpg Shayne ... set to be international superstar


“We knew who was coming on the show and if there’s anything to be said, say it backstage.”

Simon also confessed he only signed up for the new series of X Factor after ITV entertainment bosses agreed to stump up £1million for a revamp.

He admitted: “I wouldn’t have worked on it unless it was going to go up a substantial gear — and that’s what’s going to happen.

“The show has got to be bigger now. We’ve got to make the scale of it bigger, more exciting.”

Most of the £1million has gone on a futuristic-looking chrome set with metal poles arching across the studio — and a bigger stage.


0,,2006391425,00.jpg The judges ... Sharon, Simon and Louis


The acid-tongued judge revealed: “There are going to be some big changes on the live shows. The whole show will be re-branded, with new graphics.”

Insiders also reveal there are plans for celebrity guest judges and themed live shows. The new series comes after ITV suffered its worst July ratings EVER.

X Factor kicked off with nine million viewers last Saturday, beating BBC1 talent show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? which got 4.8million.

Simon said: “This is the type of show ITV do best. They want it to be better than last year.”

There were 125,000 applications from wannabes — up from 70,000 last year. In the first episode alone, we were treated to poor 16-year-old “shaky” Sean from Manchester and 54-year-old Donna giving her excruciating impression of the Queen of Pop, insisting “I want to be as big as Madonna.” (Big, she definitely was).


0,,2006391428,00.jpg War of words ... Rebecca Loss

Picture: REX


Then there was 21-year-old trainee hairdresser Jay who thought she was the new Mariah Carey. Mariah Scarey, more like.

And let’s not forget 86-year-old gran Edna, who went where angels fear to tread — and finally got Simon to apologise for his poisonous remarks to her daughter-in-law. And we still have the delights of the woman who makes monkey noises to 80s hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight to come.

Simon sighed: “It was like a wave of loonies this year — they just never stopped coming . . .

“I must have said on at least ten occasions, ‘This has got to be a joke’ — but it wasn’t. You put them out of your mind and you see them back on TV and think, ‘Christ, I remember them now’.

“It was absolutely non-stop. I think I may have post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Last year’s finalists Shayne Ward, Andy Abrahams, Journey South and Chico have sold FOUR MILLION records between them.

Simon said of winner Shayne: “I’m going to put another £2million in the pot to break him as an international superstar. I want to do the same thing with this year’s winner. It’s all about giving someone a break.”

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Cowell backs down and calls for the Louis Factor again


Cowell backs down and calls for the Louis Factor again


By PAUL REVOIR - More by this author » Last updated at 11:11am on 22nd June 2007 commentIconSm.gif Comments (6)

Simon Cowell has been forced to reinstate Louis Walsh as a judge on The X Factor after his replacement struggled in the role.


Walsh, who was given his marching orders in March, has been called in to bale out the show after new judge Brian Friedman is thought to have found himself out of his depth.


Friedman, an American choreographer and music video director, seen most recently as a judge on Grease Is The Word, is said to have struggled during recent auditions for the ITV1 show.


A limited knowledge of pop music and a complete lack of understanding of British slang apparently made his job difficult.


Cowell, who owns the rights to The X Factor, has had to mend bridges with Walsh after realising he was the only person who could get him out of the fix.

An insider claimed Cowell, 47, had become increasingly uncomfortable with Friedman's role on the show.


The pair are said to have had a heart-to-heart about the situation after recent London auditions.

Scroll down for more ...

walshcowlDM2106_468x393.jpgHe's back! Louis Walsh (left) and Simon Cowell at the X Factor judging table



It is believed Friedman had also expressed concerns that he was struggling to adapt to the role.


An insider on the programme said: "They tried it and it didn't work. It was when they were together and talking about it they admitted that it just didn't work together.




"Friedman told Simon he wasn't comfortable as a judge.


"He didn't understand slang and didn't have a good enough knowledge of pop music.

"Simon didn't think he would work, the chemistry wasn't there."


friedman2106_228x331.jpgLouis's replacement Brian Friedman was a disappointment


Friedman is said to be taking on a different role in the series, which will involve "developing the acts".

Walsh, best known for managing the boyband Westlife, is expected to replace Friedman "with immediate effect".


"Simon feels that Louis was the only person with the relevant experience," the show insider said.


"My belief is that Simon has thought we had a lot of success with Louis.


"Maybe he would have rather brought in someone fresh and new but they've not had the time to do that."


The X Factor, which is in its fourth series for ITV1, is a big ratings winner.


Walsh, 54, who worked alongside Sharon Osbourne and Cowell as judges in the previous series, had not severed all links with the show.


Earlier this year he had agreed to stay on and manage the new winner.


It is uncertain whether this will change in the light of his return to the judging panel.

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Cowell admits to faking X-Factor bust-up with Louis Walsh


Cowell admits to faking X-Factor bust-up with Louis Walsh


Last updated at 17:37pm on 15th August 2007 commentIconSm.gif Comments (2)

CowellXPS1508_228x411.jpgFaked: Simon Cowell admitted the show faked scenes to re-introduce previously sacked judge Louis Walsh


Simon Cowell admitted faking footage of his bust-up with Louis Walsh in the first episode of reality show the X-Factor, but denied programme-makers had misled viewers.

The first episode of the fourth series, which airs on Saturday, shows Cowell telling producers something is not right with the line up and he wants to bring Walsh back.

But at today's unveiling bosses admitted they had to re-stage some scenes involving the judges deciding what to do about bringing Walsh back but denied they were misleading viewers.

Cowell said: "What you see is what happened. We don't try and censor this show.

"I've always said we will allow viewers to look through the keyhole and that's what we do.

"It's raw and we don't censor. It's not a sanitised, make-believe show."

Walsh returned after being sensationally sacked as a judge by show supremo Cowell.



walshGoff1508_228x475.jpgBack for good: Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell have denied misleading viewers by staging scenes on the X-Factor


Originally, the former manager of Westlife was replaced by choreographer and Grease is the Word judge Brian Friedman, who has since been moved over to the role of 'creative director'.


A record 150,000 people have applied for the fourth series, to show off their talent in front of Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and new recruit Dannii Minogue.

Among them a 14-year-old who is lucky to be alive, a dinner lady, and a mother-of-two whose father sent off for her application just before he died.


Asked whether any of the delusional wannabes who were convinced they were the next big pop star although they could not sing a note could have been actors duping the judges, he said: "I'm very, very careful that the people that come on for these auditions are not the people that dress up as a banana because they want to be on TV.

"I'm pretty much 100 per cent certain that they are all genuine."

This year the minimum age for contestants has been reduced from 16 to 14. The sections are now 14-24 girls, 14-24 boys, the 25 and overs, and groups.

Scroll down for more...



DanniiXPS1508_468x436.jpgJudge Dannii Minogue and presenter Fearne Cotton arrive at the unveiling of the fourth series of the popular television talent show

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I bet this year a "group" wins it.


WTF happened to Leona though, she released 1 single then fucked off, at least steve and wardy did 2 singles and an album before disappearing.


Maybe she realised how untalented she was in comparison to the latest American Idol winner................................... :rolleyes:

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I understand she is "recording" her album, due for release in October time. I think it will be a massive flop, the idiotic people who vote in these things would have moved on to the new robbie williams album


Well his last album was awful too!:rolleyes:

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I know.


If rumours are to believed his next album is a follow-up to "Swing when your winning" :(


Robbie Williams & Westlife will always have an album out ready for the Christmas market, for housewives who have no taste in music :(


Are they in competition with Cliff, then?:rolleyes:

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