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I find that Canadian Idol is just a cheap version of American Idol, in every way. How did you look that segment where Sass sang with the footage of people screwing up, getting stage fright? That is what I am talking about cheap.

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lol, i agree with u justine, like 110%!!! i mean, they didn't even try to be different, they got a guy who looks like simon and randy, and for the girl, a singer who is no more, in this case we got Sass jordan, i don't know one song from that woman, at least paula was popular in her days!


i also don't like how that ryan malcolm kid got kicked off and came back in, what was it called, something lucky, random draw. and he won!!!!!!!


eek! this show kills me! :dizzy2:

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He is handsome in a very boring and homogenous sort of way... just like the guy who hosts the American version. Whatshisface... the guy who took People Magazine to heart when they said "metrosexualism is like sooooooooooooo totally in."


You mean Ryan "If I could marry myself, I would" Seacrest. That guy's a complete joke!! Simon Cowell's right!

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The last "Pop Idol" competition in the U.K. was so poor it was almost cancelled owing to lack of interest.

The winner was terrible with no star appeal, and disappeared after having the one hit created by the show.

The show has now been "replaced" in the U.K. by "The X Factor" (masterminded by Simon Cowell), where people of all ages (and groups) are allowed to audition.

This at least throws up a bigger pool of potential talent.

The first series was won by a white thirty-something soul singer.

Only American Idol appears to have maintained its level, and even improved in some ways.

I wouldn't buy any of the material released by those guys, but at least several of them were competent and sounded semi-decent, which is far more than can be said for U.K. Idol!!

If Canada Idol is as bad, I'm surprised any of you are even wasting your time watching it!! :)

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I don't think they'll bother with another U.K. one, as the last series was so dreadful. The most entertaining "performer" in the final was that "Tainted Love" guy in the zoot suit!!

There wasn't one contestant who was any good - at least American Idol always seems to turn up a few good performers every series.

Raising the age limit might help, but The X Factor has probably already put paid to that.

The auditions are still the best part of the show, though...................the rest is always an anti-climax.

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