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Can You Act?


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i did play J' in the School nativety play. but since then, i've not done anything like that.

but, i did convince a whole bus, that i needed help off a bus, and couldn't move one leg, and the fellow bus users gave my friends nasty looks, and me alot of undeserved sympathy.

Anyway...i think i WOULD be good at acting, for some things. Like i could be an actor from American Beauty, and fit in Perfectly, i imagine it would be easy to act for that...and for some american (Trouble)sitcoms, like Saved By The Bell..etc (even though that's not on anymore, but you know the type i mean).

Things i would find hard acting would be things like crying...i think i'd be too shy to show tears to the crew, haha.

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Ooooh who picked 4? C'mon people be honest!


I just picked 3. I do some acting in English class reading monologues and Im by far the best person there... Well, no-one else puts in any effort. But still, my english teacher advises I take on Drama next year, which I wont be, oh well.


I dont know if being an Actor is my number one dream, but if not, its number two.

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Yeah my number 1 dream might be as a serious song-writer/musician.


Maybe both. But I couldnt be an actor and then go into re-leasing a song, people would be like "Hey that guy from (Some movie) is making a song!" "Oh no! hahaha"


But you can get away with being a musician and then going into acting as well. It would still be pretty hard, but if I was real good and had some decent roles then people would see me in an acting light.


Of course none of this will happen but dreams are fun. :D

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Thats true, but not everyone has that kinda luck.


I'd be more of a, releasing an album thing, whereas Nicole and Kate were more releasing a single.


And if I ever get famous, I don't wanna be such a spotlight celebrity...some interviews & tv appearances, okay...but not like J.Lo or Robbie Williams, evry1 is interested in their private lives :sick:

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