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I don't know about you guys but I feel like shit...


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Relationships are sometimes so hard to handle.... :( ..... my heart has been broken way too often... I value my time while between relationships now. Although it sometimes sucks as well (feeling lonely and hurt...) you do get the freedom to work on yourself and heal....

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Thanks guys... I'm feeling a little better today but still pretty shitty ... saw him last night and we agreed not to see each other anymore ... it sucks, we both love each other too ... I've now lost my lover and my best friend in one day :cry: :angry:


Damn life can be pretty sucky can't it...

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Why do people have to suck you in and then break your heart? Relationships suck ...


I don't know... you tell me :cry:


There's that old saying' date=' the people you love the most are the ones who end up hurting you the most.[/quote']


So true.

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awwwwwwww Ali!!!


first off, it's so nice to see you on here, though granted that i've not been a regular on here of late.





you added me on your msn, but i've never seen you on there yet! :/


if you want to talk about stuff, you know i'm gonna be there for ya!!




hope you're feeling better!

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My mom is so weird. It´s written in her face she doesn´t want me to leave the house, but the next day, she comes with lots of real state agencies for me. I can´t seem to understand. So I´m kinda playing her game. she comes with phone numbers and stuff, I just don´t give a damn.

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