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Damn Tax Office


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So I get back from germany, and there's a letter from the Inland Revenue *DUM DUM DUM*...so I open it, and read it, and it says my tax rate has changed to BR (whatever that is) and I'm now taxed at a basic rate of 22% as opposed to the 15% i was on already. I think, "hmm ok, I'm tired I'll look later", so stick it away and forget about it.


Payslip comes this week, and they've taken a huge chunk...."wtf?!?!" I think...so I get the letter out again, and I read it properly. My new code has been allocated as I currently have more than 1 source of income! Really? i do? Am I schitzo? So I phone them up...wooo their systems are down today and so they can't help right now, but the lady says it's either a pension that has kicked in (im 27) or a job has been recorded in the last tax year. Fact is I've been with the same company since may 2003 well before this current tax year.


So at this point I'm totally flumuxed...I phone up Dad...cos parents know more than me about tax, well they've been paying it longer than me :) Dad hasn't a clue...so I read him the letter I got...then it catches my eye...the National Insurance number (Social Security for US ppl) they have me quoted for isn't actually my number. So I have someone elses tax code...grrrr. The code they have me down for is identical except the last digit...mine ends in D the one they have me down as ends in A. Bah stupid computers...so I'm paying all this extra tax..and have been for 2 weeks previous too (was in germany missed looking at payslips) all because they've typed my number in wrong. So I guess monday I phone them up and ask for my money back and for them to sort this out...fuckwits.



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I hate it when stuff like that happens. Then you have to spend extra time and energy getting your money back. And it either goes well and quite easily if the tax people are nice, or you have to fight your way through it. :confused:

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