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Put your hand up if your leaving!


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...Or if you're planning or thinking or expecting to leave or just merely fondling with the thought DONT LEAVE ME GOD DAMNIT I NEED ALL OF YOU!


*Hugs everyone and rocks back and forth..* thats it, group hug, all together now...

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well *puts her hand up*


i`m leaving on the 18th of this month. heading straight to the capital of great britain. god help me survive.


i`ll pop once in a while to say hi and all that. it`s not that i`m gonna die or anything. well i hope not cuz i still have some 70 years to live on this planet, marry marshall mathers, have 2 sons wiff him, win 5 oscars and ya know simple stuff like buying furniture, feeding hamsters, having a facelift, shaving legs, having sex, eating yoghurts. all that daily crap.

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DavidG is thinking about it (Hell, he told me hes CONSIDERING LEAVING but hes gone gerd damnit) and Steppenwolf is going, Ren left. REN like.


Valleyboy isnt here (Not like I'd care) Sweet One and Kalter are never around. I guess theres more people Im simply not aware of.

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