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Put your hand up if your leaving!


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haha. on a serious note im watching a show where 2 deaf parents are raising a blind and autistic kid. they have to do sign language like on his body for him to understand. i turned it there and the dad was like pressing his hands on the kids face. interesting.

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*** hands up*** I am not going to around so much this year... ! As my job is going to change and I wont be able to access a PC as much, well I will but will be doing something else so I wont be able to have the oppurtunity. But I can assure you a day will not pass when you guys are in my thoughts... ! :cry:


But when I get a PC, which wont be for a few months I will be back bigger and bolder than ever before..


I will miss you folks.

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You're not leaving Eric :angry:


Oh gawd...Ren, Thom, Richard, Jo...bad memories coming back. Why did they leave? WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY? :bigcry: :bigcry:

yeah where the hell did thom go

i know he didn't get a girl

he was like my only guy friend


Having too many girl friends without actually swapping many body fluids with them is kinda, worrying after a while.


Yeah, y'know. :/

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