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One of my favourites these days:        

There's an indie artist I love named Tyler Shaw, whose solo project is known as Aviators. He has made some incredible music, especially over the last five or so years. He's known for music inspired by


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A 1988 live version of Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson.



This man's music is absolutely stunning... I saw Eric Johnson live on his 60th birthday a few years ago and I daresay he has gotten even better with age. He's an incredibly nice guy in person too, it was a pleasure to chat with him.

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I'm currently listening to Kylie Minogue. Incredibly it took me more than a year to teach myself to start listening to her music passionately because I was 100% sure that I would begin enjoying her songs immensely one day! Honestly I felt it in my bones. Even though I find most of her tracks quite simple and formulaic I can't really hold that against her because if it works for her so be it. However I can recall that I've already heard some of her singles before but they didn't manage to make me follow Kylie. Can't Get You Out Of My Head and All The Lovers or even her Golden Quartet... Yeah marvellous tunes but it didn't truly blow my mind so no chance of me becoming interested in her. Weeks ago I came across Spinning Around and was fascinated by the strings in that song. I also happened to see the accompanying music video. Damn... Those hotpants! Her ass! Later I saw the clips of her performances at the ceremonies of both 2000 Olympics and Paralympics! I was stunned especially by her 'Dancing Queen' cover. When I finished watching I knew I was sold. Anyway in my opinion the majority of her output is easy to listen and pure fun! She's released loads of upbeat dance tracks which is very appreciated because (almost) everybody loves to groove right? Interestingly her songs make me want to fall in love with someone which it's kind of intriguing and mystifying. I have no idea why I often feel that way but it is what it is.


Lately this has been my favourite song by her. I was flabbergasted by the discovery that it contains such dark lyrics although it has a joyful melody. (Even Nick Cave has written an essay about it or something.)

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An alternative rock band who are called Stereophonics. I discovered them recently. I wasn't quite familiar with them and their music. There was one song that sounded familiar to my ears, called Dakota, which is also their biggest hit with 80M+ streams on Spotify. It is a nice upbeat alternative/rock song with nice melodies. Apparently, this song is their most 'radio friendly' song, altough I would think there are other songs that would be even better more 'radio friendly' songs to play on the radio, I personally wouldn't recommend this song if you just get to know them. If you are curious to hear and know more about them, I would recommend you to listen to their great songs: All In One Night + Indian Summer + I Wanna Get Lost With You.


I really enjoy listening and watching to these performances I'm going to post now, maybe you'll like the songs too!








I love this song:


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