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Scarriest Movie You've Ever Seen


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When I was a little kid, the movie 'Dreamscape' scared me. :shock:

And that was about the only one I remember having an effect on me. I practically grew up on horror movies - my mom would rent them all the time (I turned out perfectly normal, I swear!), so no movie nowadays "scares" me.


I would call it more getting "freaked out", recently only two fall in that category - 'Signs' and 'The Ring'. I liked 'Signs' because although it's about aliens, I could imagine that really happening (strange, I know!). That would be completely mindblowing to see an invasion of that magnitude unfold on live television. :shock: That scene with the alien at the birthday party - gave me the willys!

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hahah yea. I know a lot about movies. I have to know a lot about movies for my job when I grow up.


Yes, The Thing was quite terrifying. The freakiest part was when the dog turned into the monster.

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