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List all 13 X&Y songs in order of your preference!


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I know it's a bit early, but I thought it'd be nice to see where the songs stand in general in being liked. Therefore, feel free to make a list by re-ordering the 13 X&Y songs in order from most-to-least liked!


Here's mine...



1. X&Y

2. The Hardest Part

3. What If

4. Twisted Logic

5. A Message

6. Square One

7. Fix You

8. Swallowed in the Sea

9. White Shadows

10. Talk (oh brother? bleh, I liked the great north star better :( )

11. Til Kingdom Come

12. Speed of Sound

13. Low



The funny thing is, I really like Speed of Sound and Talk - but was forced to put them so far down the list simply because the other songs are so awesome. It's hard to believe how some songs are so low on the list, but I love each and every one of em, of course ;)

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1. Twisted Logic

2. White Shadows

3. Swallowed In The Sea

4. Fix You

5. X&Y

6. What If

7. Square One

8. Low

9. Talk

10. A Message

11. Til Kingdom Come

12. Speed Of Sound (probably should be higher, but i've overplayed it!)

13. The Hardest Part


I've rearranged this like 7 times already...got it right I think! lol

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1. Twisted Logic

2. Fix You

3. What If

4. Talk

5. White Shadows

6. Low

7. Square One

8. Speed of Sound

9. Swallowed In The Sea

10. Til Kingdom Come


I haven't heard X&Y, Hardest Part or A Message yet - saving them for Monday 6th...


I wont really be able to decide until i've had at least 10 listens to the whole album though.... :rolleyes:

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1 White Shadows

2 Swallowed in the sea

3 Talk

4 Fix You (better live)


5 What if

6 Till Kingdom Come

7 X&Y

8 The hardest part

9 Twisted Logic

10 A message


11 Square one

12 Low

13 Speed of sound


It's been so hard... :/ :(

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Although, this list is sure to change and I think this album is the tops, here goes...

1.Twisted Logic

2.White Shadows


4.Square One

5.Fix you



8.What If

9.Swallowed In The Sea

10.Till Kingdom Come

11.A Message

12.The Hardest Part

13.Speed of Sound

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1. Talk

2. White Shadows

3. Square One

4. Speed of Sound

5. X&Y

6. What If

7. Swallowed in the Sea

8. Twisted Logic

9. Low

10. The Hardest Part

11. A Message

12. Fix You

13. Til Kingdom Come


Of course this order will change quite often depending on my mood :D

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1. Twisted Logic

2. Talk

3. Fix You

4. A Message

5. The Hardest Part

6. Speed of Sound

7. Til Kingdom Come

8. Square One

9. Swallowed in the Sea

10. White Shadows

11. What If

12. X&Y

13. Low


Twisted Logic Is Awsome And My Top 7 Are Really Great Songs. The Last 6 Seem To Slightly Lack That Defining Edge :/ But still undecided :dizzy2:

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1. white shadows

2. fix you

3. x&y

4. a message


5. what if

6. twisted logic

7. square one

8. swallowed in the sea

9. 'til kindom come



11. the hardest part

12. low

13. spped of sound




i still love all the songs tho

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This is way hard! AT THE MOMENT:


1. The Hardest Part (i'm a sucker for an uptempo melody :D )

2. X&Y

3. Fix You (classic classic classic classic song)

4. Twisted Logic (They need more songs of this tone for sure!)

5. Talk (I LOVE how at the end it morphs into the old talk :stunned:)

6. White Shadows (Reminds me of Prince - which is a good thing)

7. A Message (It's Lurvley :) )

8. Swallowed by the Sea (I LIKE the lyrics :P)

9. Til Kindgom Come

10. Square One (Prefer my live bootleg versions)

11. What If (Doesn't do it for me!)

12. Low (sounds like white shadows in a strange way - i think :confused: )

13. Speed Of Sound (It's still good, just not as good as the other 12!)


However i have no doubt this order will change in time!

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