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Elijah Wood is Very, Very Gay


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A more recent rumoured relationship has been one with Franka Potente, German star of Run Lola Run. The Huge Bitch, 7 years Elijah's senior, filmed the college drama Try Seventeen with Elijah and pop sensation Mandy Moore in Vancouver, BC during May and June 2002.


That made me laugh out loud and then feel very guilty :embarrased:

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Frodo is NOT gay! jeeze. lol


Oh yes he was! Werent him and Samwise Gamgee lovers? :lol:


oh nonono. You're mistaking identities here. Gimli and Legolas are in love with eachother. Sam and Frodo however are simply just friends sadly.

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Do you see yourself now? That was absolutely hilarious.


But seriously, Elijah being gay? I'll say this, there was much homoeroticism to be seen in the LOTR trilogy between Frodo and Sam, but anyone doubting Elijah's masculinity needs to see Sin City. Elijah plays a serial killer who eats prostitutes and displays their heads as trophies.

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