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Sufjan Stevens

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I think "Holland" followed by "Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head!" from "Michigan" is probably my favorite 11 minutes of music in the world right now. :D


His live show... frankly, it needs some work. I think the problem is that he just hasn't yet put together a band that's capable of playing the intricate parts that he puts on his records. The Seven Swans stuff sounded better than the Michigan stuff, though, probably because it isn't as intricate and complex. He didn't really play anything else other than stuff from those two albums, other than the pointless cover of "The Star Spangled Banner" and the "Fifty States" song. There were some truly gorgeous moments though... "The Dress Looks Nice on You" and "Flint" are beauuuuuutiful live.

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He's one of those artists that I discovered "too late," so-to-speak, in that I had written songs that sounded like they could have been influenced by him but I hadn't even discovered his music yet. When I finally disovered it, it just spoke to me and I felt like I could relate to him as an artist.


I love "Holland," its one of my favorite songs ever.

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Every time I listen to it, the big fanfare of the second track (I don't remember the absurdly long title and I don't feel like walking over and picking it off the shelf) sends chills down my spine. And then the third track (again, I don't remember the title) kicks my ass even harder. And there are other great moments too. Like how he seamlessly switches between rocking guitars to fingerpicked acoustic and flutes in "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" (ok, I caved and picked the record off the shelf), and the building of layers of instruments in "Prairie Fire That Wanders About," and countless other great moments. This is really a fantastic album.


I hope he comes to Philly again soon, I saw him last October when he was playing Seven Swans stuff, and it was all right... but I wanted to hear the more complex stuff (although his band wasn't really equipped for that, they did play a couple Michigan songs).

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