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Nooo stupid JT!!!


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Justin Timberlake is so impressed with Coldplay's new album X&Y, he wants to change his musical direction so he sounds like the British band.


The singer has spent hours trying to learn their latest single Fix You, and wants to try his hand at writing some Coldplay-style tracks of his own. He says, "It's completely inspiring. I love that record and I'm still trying to learn it."


A source adds, "Justin's started working on his new album and has a track which is piano-led and very Coldplay-like. He'll still do pop and R+b songs, but he wants to broaden his sound."


Stupid stupid stupid Justin,I think you cannot learn/copy Coldplay's sound or style!

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oh come the fuck on. he's been inspired by x&y?! i'm sorry, but that's fucking dumb. out of all the great music out there, he's been inspired by the latest coldplay album. this guy needs better musical taste.


and copying coldplay's sound (how the fuck would he do that?!) isn't going to make his music better, it's just going to make it more unoriginal and stupid.

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ok...DONT HATE ME...but i am a DIE HARD nsync fan, but i also love coldplay, and i must say that justin timberlake truly feels, and this is my opinion, that he was scarred by nsync and now has to try and make up for his "pop" years by trying to come off as a serious artist....so he looks to a well-respected band like coldplay and tries to imitate them


theres the big mistake


you shouldn't have to imitate anyone. be yourself. even if what he did was pop, it still made him who he was and he shouldn't regret his accomplishments and try to become something he's not


he's become a sell-out and that makes me very sad for him


coldplay and justin really dont mix, i must agree


but i still love both of them



jill --- btw this is my first time posting...sooo hello!!

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^^^hahaha the quote from my favorite member of the band


no i dont feel bad...i friggin love nsync but i just hate the way justin tries so hard


and thanks for the welcome...im on a bunch of nsync boards and people are just nasty to each other lol


everyone seems nice here...i like u guys...and the fact that there's so much diversity...i love it


happy to be here and happy to be a fan of coldplay's




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JT is not a big artist!!


without meaning to cause a riot....


i dont really respect him as an artist and would never buy an album of his, but he is seen as a big artist nowadays, especially in the eyes of his record company, his last album sold truck loads, and he had about 5 top 10 singles from it. Ok, he is not as big as coldplay, u2 or radiohead, and probably wont be; however, despite him being not very good, his album sales mean that he is a big artist if you look at artists overall.


and also, if he is influenced by coldplay, good for him, he obviously has taste! But from the quote i get the impression he is 'keeping it r&b' or whatever, and he has just done one track in the style of coldplay. it will either sound nothing like coldplay (and possibly be quite good cos he has based the core of it around something as great as coldplay then changed it to suit his sound) or it will be a carbon copy of a coldplay song and he will be slagged off for trying to imitate coldplay.


Finished. :)

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But if you read the article it never says he wants to try and copy anything. It was some guy speaking for him, and even then it just said he wants to 'broaden his horizons'. The qoutes were manipulated to make it seem like JT wants to copy Coldplay.

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