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your first concert ever!


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............... :embarrased:


Alicia Keys, when I was 13. Then it was the American Idols the same year or year after? Then, a big skip in time, to last November, Bob Dylan. Then U2 in May. Then Robert Plant in June. Then COLDPLAY IN AUGUST YAY! Then the Rolling Stones!!! Joan Baez coming up in October, then U2 twice in December.



That is my concert history. :lol: The first real concert I went to was U2, I have to say.

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my first REAL concert that was actually paid for and had a ticket and everything was coldplay. june 11th 2003, just about a month after i had turned 13 :D

funny thing is..i. remember in febuary when i bought the tickets my dad told me that by the time june rolled around i wouldn't like coldplay anymore...how wrong he was ;) :lol:

2 years later and going strong :D

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My first concert was David Gray in December 2003 at Earls Court. Since then I have seen Travis twice and Coldplay once. Coming up I am going to see Stereophonics (tonight :D ), David Gray twice and Coldplay at the end of they year. :)

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was a one big weekend in heaton poark manchester with



badly drawn boy

the white shites




if that doesnt count cos i never paid, then i went to see the killers, bloc party, the future heads and the kaiser chiefs in liverpool this january...10 quid for all that above

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