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Bill Bailey


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^ No I agree, I think you have to be in the mood to watch Black Books... It's a little tedious at times.

But I think Dylan Moran is one of the funniest people on tv.... :laugh4:

i love his dry, sarcastic humour :sneaky:

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I'm going to see Bill tonight at the Eden Project!! :D

I've wanted to see him for ages, so as long as it doesn't rain it should be an awesome night :D


Pics tomorrow perhaps :P


lucky devil:cool:

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The Eden Project, where the tree frog lies down with the pasty.

I bring you lovely people videos from an amazing night!


This first clip features his take on Jay-Z at Glastonbury, Oasis and Katie Melua.


Second features Squirrels, The Killers, Ham, Queens Park Rangers, J-Lo and the Friends Theme Tune. :P


More to come later :P

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