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yeh so do u think its overated...? i dont find hooking up that enjoyable... maybe its just that i havent found a good hook up yet...


actually maybe one was alright... i dont remember cuz it wasnt very long and i was drunk. and it was a girl... they arent as full-on and stick-the-toungue-right-in like alot of guys :/


argh wat do u ppl think??

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^yeah' date=' albie told me you loved that :sneaky:[/quote']





I'm gonna go with Ri on this one. With one girl that I'm not forgetting easily I didn't even really kiss, I was just leaning into and talking and stuff. God damn it was hot.

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I would have absolutely no flipping clue. I've only kissed three guys so far, two of them which I didn't even remotely like, and the other...was a guy too, and me being gay and all...Only a few words: that's kind of gross. I just need to find myself a girlfriend :/

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