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My Bloody Valentine

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Kevin Shields and Blinda Butcher make spectacular comeback


My Bloody Valentine made a triumphant comeback last night (June 13) with their first gig in 16 years at London’s ICA.


Fans at the sold out show cheered wildly as the band opened with ‘Only Shallow, the first track from their seminal 1991 album, Loveless.


"Welcome to our rehearsal. The real gigs start next week at the Roundhouse," said front man Kevin Shields, referring to the five day run of shows starting on June 20.


The four-piece then went on to play a 15-song set including six tracks from 'Loveless', 'Soon', and four from the album which preceded it, 1988's 'Isn't Anything', including the single 'Feed Me With Your Kiss'.


The band closed the set with an epic 20-minute performance of 'You Made Me Realise', My Bloody Valentine's first single on Creation, leaving to ecstatic applause.


My Bloody Valentine will play the ICA again tonight (June 14).


The set was:


'Only Shallow'

'You Never Should'

'Honey Power'

'I Only Said'

'Cigarette In Your Bed'


'Nothing Much To Lose'

'To Here Knows When'

'When You Sleep'


'Blown A Wish'


'Feed Me With Your Kiss'


'You Made Me Realise'

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Well, it's old news now. But Kevin shields sid something along the lines of there being one album of stuff that was recorded but never complted from 96/7


and then there's going to be another album of newly recorded stuff.


I wouldn't hold my breath though. It's damn near impossible to top Loveless, and it seems the band aren't releasing anything unless it will top it.

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Which EP would you be referring to? You Made Me Realize, Tremolo, Feed Me With Your Kiss, or Glider?


As well, just saw the band a couple nights back in Richmond Virginia.....If any MBV fans here are graced with the oppurtunity to see this band, please do what I didn't do, and WEAR THE EARPLUGS! lol


Or, don't wear the earplugs and literally be blown away by the concert of a lifetime.


It's been two days and there's still a periodic ringing in my right ear...

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bumping this thread up!


...does anybody have ANY news about ANY new songs or (really pushing my luck here) album??


This is the best band out there and I thank God they're reformed, and Loveless may be the best album of all time.......but the wait for the new material is just plain frustraiting!.....Sorry, just needed to vent that.

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argh...yea, IF. haha


I don't know...it's just aggrivating. The suspense is just killing me...Anyone ever get this with a band? It's a tough place to be in too, because if the suspense builds too much, you end up running the risk of being inevitably letdown by the payoff.....like Forth by The Verve. haha


And yes, Only Shallow is awesome!

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