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The Funniest things your parents/family ever did/say about Coldplay


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Heyl yeah!....you think that its highly unlikely with Coldplay to mosh....but you definately do.....we mosh more than any of those other heavy metal bands....



Some idiot tried to make fun of Coldplay infront of me....but failed miserably....he was like..."Pfft! Coldplay....more like...er....Hot...Stop!!!".....

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haha :D

Well last we had a soccer game :p And well i'm a goalie and i was very bored (cause we were the better team..)

So i got a mp3 player of a soccer mate, and clocks was on :p Haha i went shouting on the field youhou aare:p and in dutch i translated it i sang : Jij bent.

Everyone looked at me very weird:p But well i went crazy ofcourse ;)

Later when there was a goal or something i began running with coldplay in my ears haha :D


you listen mp3 when you play soccer?:shocked2: you are really crazy.:laugh3:

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Me and my mom have only had like one conversation about Coldplay ever... it was so frickin hilarious she made me crack up. we were in the car and I put in rush of blood to the head. On "Green Eyes" she's like "oh this is a nice little song. [lol] so what is this?" and i said "green eyes by coldplay" (by the way that is my moms fav coldplay song- random, right? she does have green eyes tho) and she was like "coldplay? isn't that like, that guy who married Gwyneth Paltrow after she rejected Brad Pitt?" and then, under her breath she was like "that idiot. it's brad pitt for gods sake!"


it was so funny:laugh3: ... i guess you had to be there to really get it...

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once i was walking through my school with my friend and i started singing amsterdam and i was like "time is on your side, its on your siiide now" and my friend listened to me for like five minutes and then after a few silent moments she started singing"time is on your side, time is on your side" to the tune of three blind mice! i was like omfg i am going to stab you right now!! :veryangry:

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Hmmm... when the boys were comming out of the arena in my town, my mom and sister and I were waiting for them (with about three other people). I saw the band go into the arena for soundcheck and realized while waiting for them to come back out that Chris had cut his hair. I mumbled something about this out loud... little did I know that when they came out later, my mom would yell "Chris, take off your hoodie so we can see your haircut". He just smiled and mumbled something about it being too messy or something...


Ya, that was a bit embarassing...

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autumnjoy -- your mom exchanged words (I DON'T CARE HOW MANY) with Chris? My GOD!


Hehe, on Saturday we went to the Halloween Superstore and we were looking at the masks. I said to my sister, "Haha, they've got a Napoleon Dynamite mask now." Then from the side my mom said, "Kinda looks like Chris Martin, huh?"


Haha. Ohhhhhhhh, the 'frooooooo.

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My mom recently came home after going shopping and pulled out a black jacket with a Nehru collar from one of her bags and smiled and said, "Do you think Chris would like it?"


And I think I laughed for like... 30 minuets.


It's really effing weird... my mom refers to all of them by their first names (And so do my friends... it's frightening).

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Today, I was hanging out with my 2 best freinds and one said something about Dane Cook, and Im on a big DC kick right now, anywho, I said something about loveing him then my friend snaps and says "what are you going to be twitterpated over him for the next 2 years now" with a look of fire in her eyes.


I thought it was funny/rude


then i told her that Coldplays the only thing I ever did that too.



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I agree :D


Today in my drama class this girl was being overly melodramatic and my drama teacher was like "don't give me fake" and I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which was "give me strength, reserve control, give me heart and give me soul" and everybody stared at me like i was some kind of psychopathic nut case. Because i'm actually usually quite a quiet person. (Key word: usually.)

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LMAO! haha, nice.


I recently just picked up Pickin' On Coldplay and I played it while my dad was fixing something in my room. The look he gave me when the High Speed cover could drive anyone to tears of laughter. Then he topped it off saying, "What the hell? Do your guys think they can do anything now?"


hehe, he referred to Coldplay as my guys! And he thought they were playing the songs themselves!

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i was watching a special on coldplay where they were playing all their videos, and my mum came home while the scientist was on and said:


"ai! that's the husband of paltrow right! what's his name? the guy that in something-play."

"yeah mum, you mean chris martin from coldplay"

"YEAH! that's him"


few minutes later clocks was playing...


"ai kathy! that band is on, something-play with gwyneths husband"


and that was only the 2nd video shown lol it was a looooong hour lol







while in line at the cp concert with my sister explaining MTF:


"...so the band are involved with oxfam's 'make trade fair' campaign which...[etc]"

"yeah ok, go on"

"...and the equals sign on his hand is a symbol to make a statement and publicise...[etc]...so yeah that's about it."

"ok now wait, what does MTF actually mean? i don't get it...it's all too complicated...wait, i think the line is moving...no time to explain, maybe later"

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