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Top 18 coldplay songs


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16 songs


- A rush of blood to the head

- Amsterdam

- Brothers & Sisters

- Careful where you stand

- Crests of waves

- Daylight

- Don't panic

- Green eyes

- High speed

- I ran away

- Politik

- See you soon

- Spies

- Such a rush

- We never change

- Where is my boy


I think these are my favourite 16 coldplay songs yeah.

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Ok here my list, but of course without the new singles, because probably lost? and viva la vida will be in this list in a few months...





everything ´s not lost

A rush of blood to the head


Green eyes

a Warning sign


the Scientist

Swallowed in the sea

what if

how you see the world

help is just around the corner

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17 tracks in no order..


Dont panic


White shadows

A message


Square one


The scientist


God put a smile..

Everything's not lost

Brothers and sisters

Crest of waves

How you see the world



Viva la vida


ask me tomorrow the list will be completely different :P

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1. clocks

2. warning sign

3. see you soon

4. yellow

5. the scientist

6. politick

7. talk (demo version)

8. superstition

9. one i love

10. moses

11. in my place

12. everything's not lost

13. sparks

14. viva la vida

15. swallowed in the sea

16. shiver

17. things i dont understand

18. trouble

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1.i ran away






7.your world turn upside down

8.ladder to the sun

9.green eyes


11.for you

12.a rush of blood to the head

13.where is my boy



16.see you soon

17.easy to please

18.a view from the top

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16 songs...no order..a.k.a. impossible to order


1.don't panic



4.everythings not lost


6.the scientist


8.Square One

9.Speed Of Sound

10. A Message

11. Til Kingdom Come

12. Such a Rush

13. Viva La Vida

14. Violet Hill

15. Bigger Stronger

16. For You



i didnt put yellow in because EVERYONE! has heard that :D

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Dont Panic





In my place

The Scientist



Fix you

Speed of sound

Warning Sign

White Shadows/Violet Hill [ although may not be needed as its on the radio all the time now ]


One I love

God put a smile on your face

Green eyes


Best put on the hits/famous one's and some of the other album tracks [ the cathcy ones] Apart form the singles the album songs ive put on are the ones ive known people who dont mind Coldplay singing along to or like. So the famous songs and catchy album songs are best bet and then this person maybe want to explore more of thier music. Chances are most the famous songs he/she will recognise but forgot about, if you know what i mean.

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For what it's worth:


Square One

Everything's Not Lost

Only Superstition

White Shadows


Things I Don't Understand


The Hardest Part

Warning Sign

A Message

Twisted Logic

Crest Of Waves


I Ran Away

How You See The World


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1.-clocks-viva la vida tide

2.-in my place

3.-swallowed in the sea


5.-fix you


7.-violet hill


9.-the scientist

10.- yellow

11.-dont panic

12.-white shadows

13.-crest of waves

14.-a message

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1. Don't panic

2. Speed of sound

3. White shadows

4. Yellow

5. I ran away

6. Brothers and sisters

7. The scientist

8. Clocks

9. We never change

10. Viva la vida

11. Violet hill

12. A rush of blood to the head

13. Things that I don't understand

14. Talk

15. Politik

16. Waring sign

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Not in order of my favourite...ness, but the order for a good cd.


1. Politik (Live 2003)

2. Clocks (Live 2003)

3. Warning Sign

4. A Message

5. Fix You

6. The Scientist

7. Viva La Vida

8. Parachutes

9. For You

10. I Ran Away

11. Don't Panic

12. Yellow

13. White Shadows

14. Violet Hill

15. Amsterdam

16. Live Is For Living (Live 2003)

Hidden Track: Sweet Marianne

2nd Hidden Track: Ladder To The Sun


For me, that's a good mix, but everyone's opinion is different.

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1 shiver

2 yellow

3 politik

4 fix you

5 warning sign

6 in my place

7 amsterdam

8 the scientist

9 swallowed in the sea

10 see you soon

11 everythings not lost

12 speed of sound

13 square one

14 clocks

15 viva la vida

16 til kingdom come



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1) Dont Panic

2) Trouble

3) Everything's not lost.

4) In My Place

5) Politik

6) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

7) Clocks

8) Amsterdam

9) A Rush Of Blood To The Head

10) I Ran Away

11) Things I Dont Understand

12) Square One

13) White Shadows

14) Fix You

15) X&Y

16) Violet Hill

17) Viva La Vida

18) How You See The World


If I could put more, I would :P

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why 18?

anyway in approximate order of my favorite-least favorite

1. amsterdam

2. a message

3. shiver

4. see you soon

5. green eyes

6. viva la vida (already this high)

7. politik

8. square one

9. warning sign

10 sleeping sun

11. spies

12. the scientist

13. yellow

14. clocks

15. in my place

16. gravity

17. swallowed in the sea

18. a rush of blood/parachutes

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top 16: (in order of release)


1. No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground

2. Bigger Stronger

3. Spies

4. High Speed

5. A Rush of Blood to the Head

6. The Scientist

7. Clocks

8. Amsterdam

9. Politik

10. Murder

11. Animals

12. Talk

13. X&Y

14. How You See the World

15. Gravity

16. Viva La Vida



since you said top 18 in the title, if I had to add 2 more i'd be:

-Help is Around the Corner


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If they've never heard any Coldplay songs (unlikely), I think the 16 should be:

1. Yellow

2. Shiver

3. Don't Panic

4. Trouble

5. The Scientist

6. Clocks

7. In My Place

8. Square One

9. Fix You

10. Talk

11. Violet Hill

12. Viva La Vida

13. Things I Don't Understand (this song almost certainly should have been on X&Y)

14. See You Soon

15. A Rush Of Blood To The Head

16. Swallowed In The Sea


However, if (like most people) they've heard most of the "big" songs already, I reckon the tracklisting should be:

1. Don't Panic

2. A Rush Of Blood To The Head

3. Spies

4. Things I Don't Understand

5. Crests Of Waves

6. Politik

7. Only Superstition

8. See You Soon

9. I Ran Away

10. White Shadows

11. Swallowed In The Sea

12. Viva La Vida

13. Life Is For Living

14. Low

15. Careful Where You Stand

16. Easy To Please

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A Rush of Blood to the Head

The Scientist

We Never Change

Viva La Vida



In My Place


Don't Panic



A Message


Fix You






In THAT order.

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1 Don't panic

2 Speed of Sound

3 Only superstition

4 How you see the world

5 In my place

6 Warning Sign

7 Things I don't understand

8 Talk

9 Spies

10 White shadows

11 Murder

12 Trouble

13 Everythings not lost

14 shiver

15 Green eyes

16 Square one

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