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Best Track on VLV?


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The only song that soars? Maybe.


But soaring does not necessarily make it the best track, IMO.


I would say about 3/4 of X&Y soared, and I consider VLVODAAHF a superior album.


Having said all of that, I love the song to bits. Maybe my 5th or sixth favourite on the album :D

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I like it zemy101 when you say you really like it and it's like your fifth or sixth favourite, your like me, I love practically everyone and consider them all sort of my favourites except Lovers In Japan which I don't think is that great!


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the more i listen to the album, at least 20 times now, Lovers In Japan is one of the best tracks! anyhow.....


LIT is a great track, definitely one of the few on the album that 'gets you off your seat' so to speak! should have been longer tho.......


anyhow, im a massive coldplay fan, unfortunately the more I listen to it, the less I acrually like most of the songs, less is more chris.................

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What's really cool is if you open the song in Audacity and copy the part where the drums start properly with the crash cymbals and paste it to near the end, so that the riff starts again in a loop. Just makes it last a little longer.


Ok, I recognise those words as English... but I have no idea what they mean :confused:


What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?

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