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New EP March 2009


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Oh, and big news. Chris said they were working on the next album yesterday and (go figure) had changed their minds about how good some of the songs were. So that's up in the air, but


There will be an ep in March!!! And it's finished as of yesterday!!


thanks to spacecadet for posting this on the etalk thread :D

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I really couldn't be happier!!! But I'm not holding my breath on a new album too so soon, I tend to think their perfectionism will get in the way, as they tend to throw out at least one version of each album lol. But an EP is absolutely awesome!!!!!

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It's so far away it's hard to believe a word of it, we've seen it so many times before. Just a month or so ago they were saying these songs would be on the next album.


Until it's actually scheduled for release in the shops, it's not worth getting excited about imo...

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