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Chris Martin's bracelets ?


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ooh, thanks for the link! :D


though i've heard that it's possible to buy the bracelets at the concerts? maybe?


if not, i'll just order some from here. i really want some. and i swear there's a girl in one of my classes that has them, but she doesn't seem like the type to wear something from africa for charity OR like coldplay.

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ok, there's something fishy about these bracelets. i think besides them being a reference to coldplay (and pretty and ethical, of course), they're also "in" at the moment. there's a preppy, expensive-taste girl in one of my classes that wears these (or ones that look identical to these) every day, and tonight in the cafeteria, during dinner, i was sitting next to a huge, stereotypical [american] football player, and HE WAS WEARING TWO OF THEM. and he doesn't seem to be the type to be emulating chris martin or even being caught dead at a coldplay concert, if you know what i mean.


anyway, that's just a random observation, but rockstars, preppy girls and football players all having the same taste in jewllery? it strikes me as odd. and awesome :wink:

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