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18-Jul-09: Home Depot Centre, Carson, CA - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setlists, Photos/Vid


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Okay so kroq sent me an email.... and it said:

Get on the stand by boarding list all week by calling 800-520-1067. We'll tell you when to dial. Qualify for the trip by winning tickets to see Coldplay at Home Depot Center, July 18th. Kevin & Bean draw the grand prize winner next Monday. Check out Coldplay's latest video for "Life in Technicolor ii."



So do we just call or what?

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Ok I've never thought to do a presale before because I simply have no idea how to get your name in.


Live Nation says there is a KROQ presale, for that do you have to win a radio contest or something?


Live Nation also says there is a ticket presale rush. Does anyone know what that is for or how to get into in?


I saw these guys last year in Phoenix, Vegas, and DC....and I had amazing seats in DC and it made all the difference, so I'm hoping to get great seats to this one

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I'm still concerned about the Ticket Rush website...seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth and I can't remember the monthly password. On top of that, Live Nation's website has TWO concerts listed...one starting at 7:30, and one at 8:00. Hope they get this straightened out by tomorrow...

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I also noticed TicketRush vanishing earlier this week. I'm really hoping the password still works, but if not, I should really seek out the KROQ password just to be on the safe side (a PM would help).


Heck, I didn't even know KROQ was doing more giveaways for this concert, so I was surprised when I heard somebody win last night while listening. And the guy wasn't enthusiastic in the least bit. :veryangry2:


Looks like I'm settling on two tickets, as I don't see anybody telling me last-minute at this point. Thank goodness for no class on Friday mornings. Ripe for sniping. :laugh3:

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I didnt' get the email either. Grrrrr


Can someone PM me the password for the presales? The last two shows here I had just okay seats. I really want a good seat for this show so I can see the band up close! Stupid Ticketrush.com now just leads you to livenation.com and there is no presale info. LAME!


Many many thanks...

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Mannnn, I signed up for the ticketrush presale as soon as the event was officially listed and just days later, Livenation bought out Nokia (that's why there's no info on it now). I'm really hoping my code still works, but in the case that it doesn't, would anyone mind sharing their kroq code? This show is seriously my last resort, I've tried to buy tickets every single time they've come to LA and I'm always too late. :angry:

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