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Happy Birthday Violet! (violetsparks)


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Today's also Violet's bday she's been around for some time and she's really nice and friendly!:)


Hey Violet I wish you a very very happy birthday! Have fun! :hug:


Thanks for being so nice! Glad you joined this awesome place!:nice:





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For some time? I haven't even been here a month yet...:p


But thanks, Carla and Clint. So far, it's actually been a wonderful day, and this just made it better. :nice: Thanks again. :hug: :hug: I give much love to all of the Coldplaying members present!



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Well, Clint, if you want, I'll share with you. :smug2:


Generally, it was good. It was a little iffy for a while, b/c my dad got really mad at my mom, and that put her in a bad mood, and it makes me sad to see my mom so irritated, particularly if it's my dad's fault. However, it all settled down, and I had an excellent evening. My parents fixed us all shrimp and baked potatoes for my birthday dinner, and after I opened my gifts, we had some German chocolate cake that Mom had made me.


So yeah, it was rather excellent. :)

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