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What's your favorite Coldplay video?


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There are so many good videos to choose from but I went with LIJ. IMO, LIJ is just a beautiful video with its use of the light scribe, butterflies, and colors. The way the colors stand out throughout the whole video make it cheerful and very enjoyable to watch.


I say LITII is a close second. I love that video and I would've picked it as my favorite but they made Guy's puppet look too much like Sylvester Stallone.

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i don't really like most of their videos, they're usually just the boys playing their instruments & singing. i like music videos that tell stories. that's way i think the most amazing music video in the world is the scientist.

talk is just adorable & hilarious, LIJ is just so beautiful & i love how it literally "turns my head out," God put a smile upon your face is just awesome & chris looks absolutely perfect, don't panic rocks, LITII is funny, & the hardest part is really entertaining & interesting. i love all their songs, but the other videos are just, eh, they don't live up to the standard & aren't really that good.

when chris talked about the hardest part, he said "bad song, good video." totally disagree that it's a bad song, it's so awesome!

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i vote for talk, but the scientist is my favourite too.

i remember that i loved the video of the scientist before i was a coldplay fan.

i told everyone to watch the video, well and with this the whole coldplay-thing started...

then there was the viva la vida ad on tv and we sang it in a music lesson.

and then i became a fan.

thanks for reading and goodbye :rolleyes:

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