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Led Zeppelin


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I was a maniac back in highschool, but I've calmed down since then.


Trivia Question #1: What is the only Led Zeppelin song that the band has never performed live?


Top Five Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs:


1) Rain Song

2) Achilles' Last Stand

3) Stairway to Heaven

4) Since I've Been Loving You

5) Dazed and Confused


Favorite Album: Led Zeppelin 3

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Hmmm, I love Zepp but I haven't been into them for that long, only just started so I wouldn't know really. :(


my top 10 zepp songs:

going to california

misty mountain hop

immigrant song

black dog

communication breakdown

stairway to heaven

when the levee breaks

babe i'm gonna leave you

the song remains the same

rock and roll


favorite zepp album: IV

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If you're a fan - you rock! LOL they're my all-time favorite band, (Coldplay coming in as a close second, don't worry ) :D What is your top 5 favorite of theirs? Just one is too hard...


1. kashmir

2. over the hills and far away

3. stairway to heaven

4. immigrant song

5. heartbreaker (awesome guitar solo in the middle)


Has anybody's parents or heck, even yourself seen them in concert?

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Stairway to heaven is my all time favourite song EVER!!! :heart: The lyrics are just genius, not to mention mr page's major riffs!!! :P

My top 5 led zep songs are:

5. Kashmir

4. Thank you

3. Tangerine

2. out on the tiles

1. Stairway to heaven


My god that was difficult! :o

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It's hardly ever played over here, so I don't really get the chance to here it :)


I hate it though when that happens. I used to love november rain by guns n roses, but it got so overplayed that I can't stand it anymore :rolleyes:

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I saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in concert seven years ago. It's not quite the same as Led Zeppelin, but it's about as close as anybody in my generation will get. :P


hubububububububububububububububub let's see here...


1. Dazed and Confused

2. Four Sticks

3. Friends

4. The Ocean

5. When the Levee Breaks


That was very hastily assembled.

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