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Sammybeeburns would like to say...


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.... thank you very much to his Coldplaying uncles and aunties. He loves his card very much even if it is 3 times bigger than he is :P :laugh3:

He would also like to say thank you for his voucher for here. Sammy is looking forward to watching mummy persuade daddy to go and visit the shop in Manchester.


Sammy thinks mummy is a wuss because she cried at everyone's generosity, and is laughing because he thinks Uncle Jayzo may have filmed it all. :rolleyes:


Thanks also to the Coldplay fairies who arranged the card signed by Uncles Chris, Guy, Will, Jonny & Phil. It is awesome :kiss:


Sammy is going for a nap now because his first trip to the pub was a very tiring event! :lol:

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Glad you guys loved it :nice:.


Glad you liked it all, thanks to Mich & Chris for getting it all sorted (well, Mich really, you know how men have great ideas and then women make them happen :P)


Looking forward to seeing the pix & vids!




Pete, Anna & Noelia were also in the organizing :D.

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Hey Jen, Ian & Sammy :)


Got your card today and I am so happy that all the things were a good surprise to you :)


Thanks to the bunch of lovely people who organised it and esp. for CP themselves to contribute their personal card to this :) :)


I think it's beyond nice to do that.


Have fun spending the voucher :)

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yup :D and Debs :) and Mich has a message from Vickie on the envelope it was returned in



and here is Sammy and his huuuuuuuuuuge card :stunned:




aww that's so nice :nice: and the card is so big :lol: Sam is so cute :nice: :D

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