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Will LP5 be as influenced by Arcade Fire as VLV was?

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How was Viva La Vida influenced by Arcade Fire? I just don't see any similarities.


uhh, gee let me see. VLV was the first album since 2005 which was when Arcade Fire broke.


Coldplay changed their wardrobe, from normal dress, to the current warddrobe. The clothes look like they are from another time period, another era, another country, or another century. Look at pictures of Arcade Fire performing live, and what they wear.


Chris martin, as I said, is quoted as saying Arcade Fire is the best band in history, and has raved about them countless times and has been seen at many a AF gig. Youtube it.


Coldplay has always played anthemic, bombastic music from Parachutes to VLV, but the whole vibe of VLV is different. Cemetaries in London has a AF vibe. 42 has a AF vibe. Lost! has a AF vibe. LIJ has a AF vibe


Maybe I am wrong, but didnt Coldplay record VLV in a church? Or are they doing that for LP5? Arcade Fires Neon Bible was famously recorded in a church.


Frankly, youre barking mad if you cant detect a heavy AF vibe on LP4

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:inquisitive: :thinking: Is this for realz?


Lmfao.... geese. :laugh3: :laugh3:


Actually, I think you do have a point. I see several "similarities" as such between CP and AF. But, they're not explicit, imo... Yeah so the period clothes is a connection. And Chris does think very highly of them as a band. Therefore he and CP have probably been influenced by them in some way. Chris may have drawn something from the band which has gone into their music. VLV was more experimental with the inclusion of new instruments, a lot of drums and more exotic sounds. That reminds me a little of Arcade Fire and their wide range of instruments weaved into their songs. And they did record it in a church which is another connection. That doesn't mean they were trying to copy them, however. :thinking:


But again, I don't think it's as explicit as you portray it. Arcade Fire weren't the first ones to dress up in band costume from another "era". The Beatles did it ages back. There seem to be several other British bands copying CP with the dress style now too which I've noticed. Coldplay have been inspired and influenced by loads of bands. I don't think VLV really sounds all that like Neon Bible, tbh. Both CP and AF have their own original sound and style. But that's just me. :confused:






^ :laugh3: Epic post my friend. :lol:

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Don't really understand where some of these responses are coming from. It's not that totally absurd to see some commonalities... Markus Dravs is at least one commonality between VLV and Arcade Fire, and in an interview Chris even said that the whole reason he wanted to work with Markus was because of his work with Arcade Fire. Myself, I feel like Violet Hill has a slight Arcade Fire sound. I've not really listened to enough Arcade Fire to really spot anything in the other songs so much though.


U2's influence can sometimes be quite clear on Coldplay, so why couldn't this group also be a slight influence?


Also, influence is different than *copy*. I don't think the original poster was coming at this topic with a Joe Satriani kind of phrame of mind.


And just because Arcade Fire are not your favourite band (Coldplay), just disregarding all other current music and pretending Coldplay are so way beyond it all is just kind of silly.

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