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Let's come up with titles for LP5!


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I don't think a self-titled one would be in Coldplay's style - I think they'd leave that for their last ever album - which is never going to happen because someone is going to invent a miracle cure so that only the boys from CP stay alive for ever and keep good musiic alive :lol: :laugh3: I'm not sure what I want LP5 to be called... Will have to think of some ideas :D

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You know something I don't like.. Every albums title is from a song of the album.. why couldn't they be creative to name the whole thing a different name..


Don't kill me :uhoh:


I'd like that. :wacko: They should print out the lyrics, cover their eyes, and circle a random set of lyrics with a pencil. Voilà! Instant album title.


EDIT: Or just name it something "different".

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